9 Amenities Buyers Look for in Tribeca Properties

Tribeca has long been one of New York City’s most eclectic and artistic neighborhoods, home to the renowned Tribeca Film Festival. Known for being chic and trendy, Tribeca has boomed in popularity lately, as more and more people want access to the neighborhood's many shops, galleries, and cafes. If you’re thinking of selling and want to earn the greatest returns on your investment, consider modifying your home to include some of the features buyers place the most value on. Renovations and repairs can boost your home equity, but only if buyers are looking for those particular changes. To get started, take a look at the top nine amenities that are attracting buyers in Tribeca.

1. Bedroom suites

New Yorkers love their space, but often don’t have much of it to go around. That’s why condos for sale in Tribeca with spacious bedroom suites are on the top of the list of amenities buyers find most valuable. It can be as simple as having a dedicated primary bedroom space with an adjoining bathroom or having a bedroom suite that’s furnished with a modern set of matching furniture. Properties that include complete furniture sets are growing in popularity, and those who own Tribeca real estate may want to consider updating their property’s bedroom suite before listing online.

2. Miele dishwashers

Miele dishwashers are becoming one of the most sought-after appliances, due in large part to their economical design and short cycle times. Miele dishwashers have unique built-in capabilities, from softening hard water to providing a number of ways to adjust and customize each cycle. The automatic opening is another favorite feature, as it speeds up the drying process after each cycle.

3. Soaker tubs or hot tubs

Soaker tubs and hot tubs take a regular bathroom and turn it into a spa-like oasis perfect for unwinding after a long day. Bathroom upgrades are right up there with kitchen renovations as one of the best changes homeowners can make before listing their properties. In fact, midrange bathroom remodels can bring about an average ROI of over 60%. So if you’re looking for a great way to boost your property’s value, consider adding in a soaker tub, walk-in shower, or replacing the tiling.

4. A great view

Nothing beats a great view of the city and, for Tribeca buyers, a view is one of the features they value most. If your property has a stunning view of Lower Manhattan, make sure it’s highlighted when you go to sell. Include images that showcase the types of views your condominium provides and have your real estate agent note that detail in your listing description.

5. Access to the outdoors

Hand in hand with a great view is a balcony on which to enjoy it. A balcony or another type of outdoor space can make a big difference with New York buyers who relish the opportunity to have private access to a little fresh air. If your unit doesn’t have outdoor access but the building does, make sure that’s highlighted in your listing to show potential buyers they can still get what they’re looking for.

6. A wine bar

When residents sit on their balcony to watch the sunset beyond the skyline, nothing makes the moment more perfect than a relaxing glass of wine. Wine bars have become more popular lately and can come in all shapes and sizes, from separate wine refrigerators to temperature-controlled wine pantries, to simple cabinets. Small, tasteful wine bars can be incorporated into a kitchen or pantry relatively easily, so of all the kitchen renovations you may consider, make sure to keep a wine bar at the top of the list.

7. Walk-in closets or additional storage

Walk-in closets and additional storage are always going to be high on a New Yorker’s list of priorities. More room for personal items is a necessity for many who own condos in New York City, and often carving out more storage takes creativity and imagination. If your unit has additional storage either through a walk-in closet, hall closet, or in-building facilities, make sure your potential buyers know all about it.

8. A common area

It’s important to stage your home properly before you sell, and creating some kind of common living area could attract more Tribeca buyers. Even in properties that feature an open floor plan, buyers want to know that there’s some kind of common space they can enjoy or use to entertain guests.

9. In-suite washer and dryers

Last but not least, buyers looking into Tribeca homes for sale are interested in having their own in-suite washer and dryer units. Many condominiums in the city have shared facilities on each floor, while other buildings allow residents to bring in their own units if they desire. But the most luxurious buildings provide this amenity to their residents, and that’s what many buyers are looking for. If your unit is set up with in-suite laundry appliances, know that you’ll be one step ahead and could earn a little more from your sale than homeowners who are missing this feature.

If you’re considering selling your piece of Tribeca real estate and want to earn the highest returns on your investment, consider incorporating some of these amenities into your home before you sell. Working closely with a professional real estate agent can ensure you know exactly what changes to make in your home to boost its value with buyers. Tribeca real estate agent Simone Malferrari of Festina Lente brings years of experience serving New York City clients to the table. When you’re ready to take the first step in selling your home, get in touch with Simone today!

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